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San Andres Sports Complex
Malate, Manila, Metro Manila

Call: 02 659 3611 or 0916 301 3366
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Tournament Division:
Men’s Cup | Women’s Fun Cup | Co-Ed Fun Cup
Registration Fees
USD 330 per Team (Foreign or non-Filipino Players)

Tournament Division
PHRS Manila Fun Cup will have two (2) divisions:

A. Men's Fun Cup
B. Women's Fun Cup

Division Classification

Men's Cup
Although this is categorized as a Fun Cup, it's still a competitive tournament intended for mid to advanced players. 6 on 6 players.

Women's Fun Cup
The women's Team will equally be competitive, intended for mid to advanced players. 6 on 6 players.

    General Rules and Guidelines

I. General Rules
    A. The Volleyball competition shall be held in accordance with the current rules and regulations of the FIVB. However, in matters not provided for in the rules of the competition, decisions shall rest with the tournament organizers.
    B. In any dispute, only the official coach or team captain is allowed to approach the tournament organizers with regards to questions and inquiries after the match.

II. Tournament Format
    Men: Single Round Eliminations / Semifinals / Finals
    Women: Single Round Eliminations / Semifinals / Finals

        Eliminations - Best of 3 sets game, 15 points deciding set
        Semifinals - Best of 3 sets game, 15 points deciding set
        Finals - Best of 5 sets game, 15 points deciding set

III. Team Composition, Fielding of Players and Eligibility
    A. Each team must have a maximum of fourteen (14) and minimum of nine (9) players.
    B. Teams may not adjust their line ups, after the submission of the team gallery.
    C. A player can only play for 1 team in the entire tournament.

IV. Competition Uniforms
    A. Uniform upper jersey with numbers.

V. Warm up procedures
    A. 3 minutes spiking per team.

VI. Default
    A. A fifteen (15) minutes, grace period after the 6 minutes warm-up shall be given.
    B. Otherwise the unprepared team shall be declared loser via walk-over.
Default Fee: Php 1,000
    C. Teams should be at the venue at least 30 mins before their scheduled time of game.
    D. Succession of games will be followed in all schedules of this tournament.

VII. Unforeseen Event
    A. The decision of the tournament organizers on any dispute during the competition shall be final.
    B. If the on-going matches shall be impossible to continue, such matches shall be continued on a later date from the point where it was disrupted.
    C. Any players or a team official who commits a rude misconduct against other players, team officials, game officials and organizers will be disqualified during the match and will be suspended for one (1) game.

VIII. Equipment – to be determined
    A. Wilson Official Ball

Team Information
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